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Monthly Reports

Quarterly Reports

Summary Reports

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We provide monthly and quarterly reports for all CONNECT and ENGAGE customers, bespoke for your businesses needs.


Reporting will vary based on your license package but can include and are not limited to:

  • Call Volumes & Tracking

Track call data such as answered, missed and abandoned calls to monitor how your company is performing and if you are reaching your desired service level​.

  • Call Durations

Monitoring your call durations can help identify any areas for improvement or training to reduce call times and increase call productivity and satisfaction .​

  • Queue Productivity

Analysis of various stats to check your service level is in line with your goals and expectations.​

  • Agent Performance & Activity

Help your agents deliver great customer satisfaction by monitoring their performance and activity to see where training and development can be implemented.​

  • Call Sentiment

Utilise the AI Software to see positive and negative sentiment. ​ You can track and monitor how many of your calls require action or improvement immediately without having to navigate through all of the calls made. This can save time and help with giving more detailed and useful feedback to your agents.

With many more reports available you can customise your requirements to receive reports tailored to your business. Whether you are using them internally or promoting them externally, you can provide your personal brand kit to have all reports fully branded and in line with your companies look.

For more information on the reports and to see examples of how they look, please get in touch.

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